Usually, I am pretty obsessive when it comes to decorating for Christmas or decorating for anything for that matter. When the Christmas bins come out, I usually take hours to sort through, combining old and new decorations, trying to come up with picture perfect arrangements. Sometimes I take days to sit and look at things in the boxes, on the shelves and on the mantle. My kids ask to help with the decorations, and usually I am too worried about if it will look imperfect if I let that happen. Even when it comes to decorating with ornaments on the tree, I have been known to “rearrange” their work. This year, however I had a different outlook. 2020 sure does give you a mind-shift about what is really important. And the fact that we are probably not going to have many (or any) guests over this holiday season… well, I would say the decorating that we will enjoy at our home didn’t come out too badly (and I might have rearranged a few things… ) – E


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