I recently indulged in a frothy, warm mug of “Golden Dragon” at one of my favorite local places. The Rose Room Cafe is an oasis of warmth, friendly faces and positive vibes in a run down section of downtown Webster, MA. You can’t help but smile when you walk in and are greeted by the husband and wife owners, their mother and often times, their adorable toddler daughter. It feels like you just stepped into a cozy home of a good friend where you are offered a warm cup of coffee.

Their menu consists of hand crafted coffee drinks, healthy teas, homemade sodas and fresh small plates made with ingredients from local farms. They have earned a local following through their farm to table approach and developed a sense of community by hosting local CSA pickups, local entertainment, pizza nights and local arts and performance events.

And you are probably still wondering what a “Golden Dragon” is. According to their menu at https://www.theroseroomcafe.com it is their version of a spicy chai with turmeric, cinnamon and other spices finished with honey and a beautifully crafted frothy top.

To me it’s a sort of magical drink that warms me up on a cold Sunday morning while making me feel good that I am supporting a special place at the same time. Want the same good vibes? Support local and feel good! –E


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