I am not sure when I developed such a love for learning science. It could have been when I was younger and had dreams of being an astronaut. It could have been that AP Physics class that I took in high school, (but probably not, our “independent study group” spent more time playing card games than we did calculating forces) Or maybe it was as an adult when I was hired as a middle school Science teacher.

It was most likely all of these factors and more that helped to grow my interest and love for the wonder and the explanations of science. I love reading articles, watching documentaries, following scientists on social media, because I always want to learn more. I have fostered friendships with local scientists who I love to learn as much as I can from. However, I know not everyone feels the same way that I do. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I can understand why it is not everyone’s favorite subject or topic of conversation, but I don’t understand why Science became so political in our country. When did believing or not believing in scientific research, facts and how the natural world works become associated with a person’s political stance? Renewable energy sources, pollution, climate change, and now “wearing a mask”- examples of things that are based in scientific fact (not to mention affecting human health) and have caused political divide in the U.S. Why does this happen in our country?

Because of this divide, it is now a fact that the U.S. tops the list for the most COVID-19 cases in the world and historically we have been at the bottom of the list for climate action. Why? Is it because Americans only want to believe in science when it’s convenient for them and doesn’t “infringe on their rights”? Most Americans will believe in science when they dress for the weather, take their daily prescriptions, use their cellphone and put on their eyeglasses or contacts. So why is it that some tend to get stubborn “believing the science” when it comes to these other things?

I guess that I don’t have the answers and I don’t know who does. As a science lover, I just needed to vent. I do fear, however, that this divide is causing the downfall of our country because scientifically speaking, the facts don’t lie. – E


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