A new version of the illness, “Senioritis,”specific to those in the graduating class of 2020. Symptoms include:

  • Crying at the disappointment of lost opportunities- show choir competitions, performances, club meetings, dances, athletic events, rights of passage, and general social opportunities with friends
  • Guilt about feeling sad when others in the world are in much more difficult situations
  • Lashing out at caregivers who are trying to follow guidance from government officials about social distancing and preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • Increased anxiety about the uncertainty of the next few weeks and months (as if college decisions, AP Exams, and typical senior year activities did not induce enough stress)

Treatment Suggestions:

  • Let the patient cry and be sad
  • Validate feelings of disappointment and affirm that their sadness and disappointment is shared
  • Provide lots of good food and snacks
  • Binge watch shows together and reminisce about the shows and experiences of their childhood
  • Singing and dancing are highly recommended- particularly with the introduction of fun 80’s and 90’s songs (we started with the Cure and moved on to Alannis) that they should have knowledge of and appreciation for before going off to any post high-school experience 😉

In summary, Senioritis-20 is treatable and will pass with time. With love and patience we will all get through this and do our best to create one-of-a-kind graduation year experiences for our seniors once it is safe to do so. ❤ -A.


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