In the last 48 hours, my school district has cancelled school for two weeks (oh wait… now three weeks, tomorrow it will probably be five) my governor has closed all restaurants, bars, gyms and any other place where more than 25 people would gather. And the rehab where my father is staying locally for PT has refused all visitors. And, mind you, most of this transpired while I was away visiting family in Florida. It was unnerving wondering if we even be able to fly back home.

It is scary times indeed. And I have been wondering why it has come to this? We have all seen the statistics of what has happened in other countries. And now our country is getting hit hard. Our federal and state government is forcing us to “stay away” from others to slow the spread of this virus and prevent overcrowded hospitals.

But why and how does it come to this? We are living in the year 2020. The pictures I am seeing from some of these other countries look like the ones taken 100 years ago with the great flu epidemic.

How is it that our present science and technology skills can send people to live in space for extended amounts of time, we have developed devices with apps to control every part of our lives, we can use personal DNA kits to trace ancestors back hundreds of thousands of years, we have cars with “smart park” but our only answer to a contagious virus is “stay away from each other for at least 3 weeks”??

I understand the science, math and the logic behind the “social distancing” pleas. And I will try my best to do my part. Because I am in a school, and I see firsthand how quickly things can spread. But this seems way too primitive of a solution for a health crisis in the year 2020. We can keep people alive in space for extended amounts of time but cannot develop a better solution than this for people on Earth when a nasty virus is being spread around? I don’t know, it baffles me.

Just some Corona virus thoughts. Considering I am home for at least the next three weeks, I am sure more thoughts will be coming. –E