The countdown is on, but just in case you haven’t looked at the calendar lately, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Since it’s the thought that counts, we’ve got some ideas to make it look like you put some extra time and effort into things this year!

For the Rose Gifter…

Do you typically call the florist on February 14th hoping they can still deliver a dozen roses in time for you to be in the clear? Instead, how about:

  • Buying a rose bush or other type of potted perennial instead, which can be planted in just a month or two and which will give your partner flowers over and over again?
  • Starting a seed, (like now!) and gifting the delicate little sprout as it emerges on Vday? You can make some metaphor about your relationship growing, yada yada yada 😉
  • Buy an arrangement at the grocery store; they are as beautiful as those from the florist shop, if not more so, and a lot more economical. The main idea here is, make the time to deliver it yourself during the day!
  • Or how about delivering coffee and a little bouquet of donuts instead of flowers?
  • Movie theaters will let you buy popcorn if you aren’t seeing a movie (don’t ask why I know that 🤦‍♀️)- way better than the popcorn trios with way too much of the popcorn flavor they don’t like.

Is Dinner Your Usual Deal?

If you’re the type to always take your other half out to dinner to mark the day, you’re a smart one. They way to someone’s heart is still definitely their stomach. To improve upon your already great plan, consider:

  • Making reservations- now! Definitely don’t put choosing the restaurant on your partner’s shoulders- at least on this holiday. A lot of people think they are being nice by doing so, but sometimes you just want to see that someone loves you so much that they took care of allllll the details.
  • Buying one of those little calendars and penciling in all the days you will take them out to dinner and where over the course of the next year.
  • Ordering one of those meal kit deliveries and try following the recipe to have dinner cooked for your special someone when they get home. After this first time, make a ritual of cooking the meals from the kit together!

Get Creative…

Homemade is always from the heart and shows you put time and thought into the day- ahead of time. Maybe…

  • Make a card instead of buying one. That way it can be catered to the real feelings that you possibly don’t always express, or could contain a private joke specific to your relationship.
  • Make sweets instead of buying them! Grab candy molds that are shaped like something your partner in crime would appreciate and get melting and pouring! Alternately, bake those brownies or cookies (even if it’s out of a box). Your someone will know they were made with love and they will enjoy the treat that much more.
  • Make the modern day version of a mix-tape! Make them their very own playlist. (It’s okay if their favorite song is on there multiple times.)
  • Chronicle your relationship in words or pictures- even if stick figures is your signature style- they will love thinking about all you have gone through together! 😊
Props to my brother in law, Anthony, who made this for my sister. 💖

For the Practical People…

  • Make their load a little lighter by doing a few chores for them, or maybe even hiring a house cleaner for a one-time cleaning or for repeat service. When I come home to a clean house on days the cleaning service has been there, I am a little girl again, coming home on my mom’s day off- when the fridge would be stocked, the house clean, and my mom there to hang out with. 💕 Imagine giving that feeling to someone you love!
  • Sign yourself and your significant other up for a class at your local Adult Evening Education Center. You can have fun learning a new skill together like gardening, cooking, playing guitar, or something else. Check out the listings and spend time together on a weekly basis.
  • And for my favorite hint… Check the Save for Later section of their Amazon shopping cart. I have a million things saved there that I haven’t splurged on for myself and would love it if someone bought some of them for me. Hint hint. 😘 -A

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